A Bad Case Of Hubbub

Lucy runs into the house with fright on her face.

“Mom!? Jimmy told me I’ve got bad case of the glimmer! Feel my forehead. Jimmy said I needed to get a shot!”

Mom plays along, feels Lucy’s forehead. “Yes, I am afraid so. Looks like you’ve got the glimmer.

“Oh no! What’s the glimmer gonna do? I don’t feel bad. I don’t want to get a shot,” A tear trickles down Lucy’s cheek.

“Don’t worry. I can fix the glimmer. No shot.”

“You can?”

“All you have to do is go and wash up for dinner. Then, you must remain totally silent for the rest of the evening. If you say one more word between now and bedtime, you’ll still be sick tomorrow and we might have to think about taking you to the doctor for a shot.”

A look of worry and hope twisted Lucy’s face as she nodded.

Tomorrow Mom called Jimmy’s mom, telling her thanks.

Jimmy’s mom didn’t understand until Jimmy ran up and told her that Lucy’s big brother, who knows everything, said that it looked like Jimmy had a bad case of hubbub.


15 Comments on “A Bad Case Of Hubbub

  1. Glimmer and Hubbub sound related to “Go out and play” syndrome, my mom’s code words for “get outta my hair for a while.” 🙂


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