Salmon River Spring

Cool kiss from the forest

Stirs an inner revival

Charged by its music

Fresh from the source

That drums upon rocks.

As if my very bones

Were strewn underneath

The stream of Orpheus

Whose rhythms sink

Past thirst, deep within

My core, my atomic spirit

Embedded in my soft clay.

I am as tall as shadows

Of family fir and cedar.

Old growth is in my pitch.

I cup my hands, tightly

Holding what all life desires.

My fingers are born

Into this song shape

45 Comments on “Salmon River Spring

  1. What a stunning infusion of nature and music and soul! “Past thirst” is so unique and powerful. Your ingenious word craft manages to describe the indescribable. A favorite of mine, for sure!

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  3. You have given me the largest compliment I could have ever hoped for. I once baked my own bread. I guess I’m still a baker of a sort and will hope you will inspire me to start baking again. Thank you.

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  4. I admit that when I first looked I somewhat dreaded yet another poem. But the music of the river and your song soon enchanted me into following …


  5. Hello again, I’m sorry I gave out the wrong address for the Mystery Blogger Award , here is the correct address for the nomination!


  6. Really like this, especially “my atomic spirit”
    Certain elements [Full disclosure, I was never good with science] have a half-life, which is the time it takes for half of the element to decay – I think they use it as a measurement, because some things have a half life of 10k + years, so it’s a time saver…. but think of the atomic spirit- it’s “Half-Life” so to speak is eternity – immutable, the only thing not subject to decay, entropy, and all the other ways the natural world reclaims its own. The clay belongs to the earth, but the spirit, with atomic strength, carries on in absolute perpetuity. Excellent Juxtaposition – I never thought of it that way.


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  7. Well written, please visit my blog for poetry and follow if you like my work…


  8. I really like ‘as if my very bones were strewn underneath’ as I live in a forest and feel that way sometimes. The picture matches so well. Wonderful, and thank you.

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  9. Beautifully written, Elan. Nature is always inspiring. What a lovely scene you’ve captured. Love the words ‘inner revival’. โค

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