Aftereffects Of Fire

Here, where fire once raged

Our voice is diminished

As if our speech leaves through

Lungs weighing only of paper

And this trail we have carved

To stand next to old giants

With charred arms

Comes with symbols and words

Revealing deepened ruts

A string of infinite finites


With sunburnt shoulders

We watch the eyeless sun

That harsh gardener….

Pierce through a ghost canopy

Wishing to reclaim its spent dust

Thinking only of its collection

….Cold baubles of gravity


All witnessed by the moon

Who never blinks once

While we lay naked

Underneath its glow

In several forms of desire

Waxing, waning,

Silver, blue, and crescent

Its face constantly upon us


That burning face in the night

We claim as eternal muse

And use as fire for the poetic

Inventing expressions

To lay upon Luna, leading us

To scramble and patch together

scrapings and scratches

Producing representations

Of a once noble fir

Which lies deep in our lush memories

39 Comments on “Aftereffects Of Fire

  1. A Majesty within its own right. Lovely, to say the least of it all.


  2. Mesmerising poetry. So many brilliant images conjured I could hardly keep track. This really is brilliant.

    “With sunburnt shoulders

    We watch the eyeless sun

    That harsh gardener….” My favourite lines although it was hard to chose.


  3. Nice work! When I was about 10, we moved to a new house with a huge woods right out back. As I was exploring the green forest, I came across a gigantic cinder of what appeared to have been an oak tree. I recall thinking how terrible it was that this giant oak had been struck by lightening and in an instant was reduced to this oddly shaped charred black and lifeless charcoal corpse. As I walked around it, I looked inside a small hollowed out place in the burned out trunk — and there grew an oak seedling shining in a shaft of sunlight!

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  4. Great writing, thanks for sharing! Thanks also for taking the time to read and like my post on my blog! Peace and blessings! 🙂


  5. Elan, I always seem to visit your pieces often. I anlarge the image and swim in it. I have a conversation with it. Then I tuck it away for future reference. Your gibberish is very satisfying. My mind is fully awake. Love this piece.


  6. This is simply lovely. I’m glad I set it aside to read when I could give it my full attention without any distractions. As it happens I read it several times, coming back to it on three different days. There was a lot in this poem to think about and try to “experience.” Thank you for the opportunity to do so.


  7. The Western states are burning right now, which makes your poem especially moving. The poor trees!

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  8. This is one of your best poems, its language poetic through and through–strive for this kind of language in your work, even if it takes more time to craft and craft it some more.

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  9. Lots of vivid imagery in this poem and the accompanying photo is beautifully paired with the poem. Love the “eyeless sun.”

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