Face In The Woods

The woods are watching.

Pacific Crest Trail, Oregon, June 2018



See more photos here.


35 Comments on “Face In The Woods

  1. It can be scary out there, especially when you’re by yourself and it gets very, very quiet. The wind does not move the trees. No birdsong. I start to look behind me to see if anything is following me on the trail and I shiver. But that passes as soon as you start moving and see the beauty around you.

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  2. I see coyotes closer to the city. They are adept scavengers, but deep in the forest is a bit more of a challenge for them. They love Forest Park here in Portland. While running, I’ve chased a few.

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  3. It’s the accusing face looking at the viewer. There’s disapproval.in the clinched mouth,. the narrowed eyes.
    What sayth he that watches ? What hurts have we done ?

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  4. What a great photography eye! (And mouth…) I love a unique perspective. I’m straining to hear if there is a message for me whispered from the tree…

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