Face In The Woods

The woods are watching.

Pacific Crest Trail, Oregon, June 2018



See more photos here.

35 Comments on “Face In The Woods

  1. What a great photography eye! (And mouth…) I love a unique perspective. I’m straining to hear if there is a message for me whispered from the tree…

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  2. It’s the accusing face looking at the viewer. There’s disapproval.in the clinched mouth,. the narrowed eyes.
    What sayth he that watches ? What hurts have we done ?

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  3. I see coyotes closer to the city. They are adept scavengers, but deep in the forest is a bit more of a challenge for them. They love Forest Park here in Portland. While running, I’ve chased a few.

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  4. It can be scary out there, especially when you’re by yourself and it gets very, very quiet. The wind does not move the trees. No birdsong. I start to look behind me to see if anything is following me on the trail and I shiver. But that passes as soon as you start moving and see the beauty around you.

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