Ghost Story For The Wilderness Impaired

Slough Reflection
Timothy Lake July 2018

She’s a ghost. I know that. She brushes her fingers along my shoulders and I will look up to find her playing among the trees, pretending to be the wind. She’ll drop a pinecone or a small branch as a reminder. Then, off she goes to the deeper part of the forest where I can’t follow. She laughs. I can’t hear it, but I know she’s laughing.

This spirit of hers doesn’t frighten me. But there are times when the forest is as still as death. It’s upon these moments, in silent life, when I look behind me on the trail and shudder in my aloneness.

She returns, that’s what ghosts do, with her sound, a rustling, a stirring, a theme she buries deep inside me. Its tune reminds me that I’m also a ghost. At times, this makes me sad, to know I’m as invisible as her, but it’s her way of empowering me, to haunt. I can’t help but to be…a ghost.

I can tell you this one thing. It’s the only thing I really, really know. If you listen, you will also know you’re a ghost. Even when you’re in the middle of nowhere, look up, and see a jet leaving contrails high in the sky, above the wilderness, without making a sound.




36 thoughts on “Ghost Story For The Wilderness Impaired

  1. Interesting take on feeling and being like a ghost, Elan! I can feel that way even in a crowd, in a technology controlled aloneness. In spite of zillions of real and imaginary connections I feel disconnected and long for the forest you described in your post.

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  2. Inspired, to be breathed upon. Of spiritual nature. Contrast the mortality of the forest and its woody environs, with the slight touch or hind of breath. Transcendent and touching at the same time. Chris T.


  3. Thank you for some much-needed perspective. Not to mention a new turn-of-phrase that suits me perfectly (although I wish it didn’t): “wilderness impaired.” I’m giving it all a think.

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  4. This is so inspiring and true. It really reminds me of the many moments when I literally felt like a ghost…an invincible one, an invisible fire, I really don’t know how to describe it, but you described it perfectly. It really gave me those rare emotions. You have an incontestable talent. Thank you for appreciating my article and thank you for letting me discover you! Keep it going! 🙂


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