Romancing The Drought

Rib Cage

The mountain, hip bone of earth, shoots down a dry, hot wind 

Rattles the skeleton city, held together by a series of pins and plastic cartilage.


We hang refrigerators, like art, In our bedroom windows 

Who rattle clumsy tunes, instrumentals, transposing the fever of a ragged daze.


Between sheets of sea, in our urchin shells, we carve coolness into the shape of ocean waves 

And sleep with mountain ranges wrapped around each other.


More photos here.

13 Comments on “Romancing The Drought

  1. I just love it a very intriguing rhythm to the words and I’ve never heard air conditioning explained so creativity

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  2. Yes, that particular line changed a few times from non-abstract to abstract, back and forth and back and forth, but I felt the final version’s visual, emotional, and rhythmic strength would overcome its abstractness, delivering meanings to the reader. Thanks Joan

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  3. Love this, Elan: “Between sheets of sea… we carve coolness into the shape of ocean waves.” So abstract and yet, the picture you paint in my mind is so clear. The photo is intriguing also, looks like a stadium full of rocks… some on the 50-yard line, others in the nosebleed seats. 🙂

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