Event Horizon


We bluff the light, together, loving within the slow pull of measurable movement

 Creating fragile horizons out of uncertain wavelengths



18 Comments on “Event Horizon

  1. thanks! I guess I am taking an informal poll… trying not to be totally insular but still be me totally.. if that makes sense.. I find my song is different from others, I think I should really have people read me live in front of me, that might be the exercise that will enlighten my weaknesses and strengths, but again, thanks.


  2. You ask two questions. I can’t answer them in completeness. 1. Punctuation; depends on the format. At times, punctuation can be rhythmic, like different types of rests found in written music. Other times, it facilitates communication, connecting, like a bridge, to your reader. There are more, but this will suffice for now. 2. Hearing; a necessary thing to think of your audience. This can be like you said, “everyone hears me”. If you take that approach, then you must ask yourself, who is everyone? To me, it’s more important to hear yourself and try to find a way to make what you hear communicate to…everyone. It may be self-defeating creating a perceived audience that has nothing to do with reality. I find this common with online blogs and publications. I think you’re a good writer and your questions prove this to be so.

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  3. There is something about the way you write and express yourself that makes me slow down and savour the moment.


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