Looking Glass

Little Crater Lake, July 2018

A double blue reflection. The cobalt of the lake with its graveyard of dead trees lying on the bottom. One recent death half-floats in purgatory. And the deep blue of the sky, foregrounded by a living green forest. Both blues framed by ancient volcanic formations. All is alive, even death.


More photos here.

26 Comments on “Looking Glass

  1. When we crossed the border into Oregon, the sky was orange and it was raining ash. Legit thought it was the apocalypse.


  2. Yes, last year it was smokey at a lot of places. When the Columbia Gorge caught on fire, downtown Portland looked like the apocalypse.

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  3. My friends and I drove out to Crater Lake last year. Forest fires beat us there, the crater filled with smoke. Should’ve visted your Little Crater Lake instead.

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  4. It is a strange little lake in the woods, none the less, the pics give the magnificent colors their due justice. Have you ever done photography in the cascade lakes?

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  5. Thanks for recently taking my survey! I truly love this! “all is alive, even death” genius.

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  7. Nicely done ! Enlarged a bit, it appears to be an Oil painting. Ripples are like brush strokes. Wonderful ..


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