Carpet Layers

The carpet prevents slipping where spills occur, dims the reflection of lights, dampens the loud echo of hard shoes.
After years of soft walking, threads come loose, seams come undone. Underneath, a scuffed tile, a glimpse of all the slips, reflections, and echoes, their texture, their history.
We cover the tile with a new layer, restoring the delicate numb.



16 Comments on “Carpet Layers

  1. That’s a wonderful book. I highly recommend it, especially paired with Heart of Darkness, the novel Chinua wanted to counter.

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  2. I’ve never contemplated a floor for so long. And those last two words… What I take away from this is that the carpet seems protective, but it only hides our truths, our real stories, the real us. It wears down in time because it is exhausting always keeping something covered up. If only we all removed the carpets and exposed and shared and, ideally, accepted those personal histories and flaws. It is currently one of my goals for the first time. I’ve already stumbled, slipped, I suppose, but someone helped me back up, and I’m going to keep trying until I master how to walk on that beautiful golden and emerald tile runway like it’s the red carpet.

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  3. As Chinua Achebe says, “Things fall apart.” And always, there is the “delicate numb,” the cover-up. You’ve got your finger on the pulse, Elan. Nice work. 🙂

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  4. So true. Maybe it is the designer in me, but I also see carpet as a magnet for dirt. This also has to do with having two dogs…

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