Searing Times

Inside a burnt tree. More photos here.

I wish I could dance in this wind. But its heat wilts me, keeps a dull, slight fever about my skin. I feel it drags everything into a blur, the flora, the fauna, the restless water, the dry grass. There’s so many separate lawns being watered in the midst of this drought.

 I await the first flirt of coolness, a gift from the ocean, when the wind tugs at my hand and compassion soothes the baked streets, the overdone frenzy.


21 Comments on “Searing Times

  1. You conveyed the impatience of dealing with extended heat so very well! Lovely writing … refreshing thought the “flirt of coolness” 🙂

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  2. I’m working on enjoying the season I’m in. Both in weather and in life. While I’m not a fan of hot weather, I love the green surroundings. So I enjoy it looking through a glass.
    Great writing Elan!


  3. What a fantastic picture! Your words summed it up pretty well.


  4. Your words make me feel the dryness in your surroundings. The burned tree is a perfect fit for your poetry.


  5. I feel in this poem the societal undercurrents, an analogy embedded in your words. Weather and its consequences provide us with a way of expressing human emotions and the reasons for them. This is what your poem is for me, Elan.

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  6. Thanks Art. Just the photo itself is a kind of “mess up”, if you understand what I mean. But then we would have to go back to all the fuss over representation, that we still can’t quite get a hold of. Seeing is believing vs. looks are deceiving.


  7. Fabulous texture, Elan. You are always observing, and the acuity of your observations undergoes the alchemy of…uh…oh, the heck with it Once I use the word Alchemy I’m screwed into a pretentious socket. The image makes me want to do insane things with Photoshop. And all of them would mess up its perfect beauty.

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