Rampant Dust

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We’re rampant dust with sunlight between our fingers.


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9 Comments on “Rampant Dust

  1. I have an interest in abstract art, (i.e. the visual summation of the salient points of an object or an idea). This piece seems an abstraction of all things, the beginning and the end, of all things, of life, of the universe. Starlight and stardust with the inevitable resulting shadows, yin and yang. As such, I wonder if black and white, neutral, a thousand shades of gray, escaping the confines of the color spectrum, would work even better for this piece or, do you think the color is necessary to attract and evoke a reaction of our human emotions? What a conundrum for the artist!


  2. Love the texture and movement! It is beautiful on it’s own, but as a mixed media artist I would print it on canvas and use it for a substrate. Oo la la, the things I would add! Everything from natural items to maybe even some bling for a contrast.

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