Beach Memories

Beach Fort – Fort Stevens Oregon

Memories from the Ancient Vacation

  • My crown was made of construction paper, adorned with crayon-drawn jewels. A gift that was handed down from generations past (starting with my big sister).
  • Ribbon kelp, broken sand dollars, seagull feathers, were my minions.
  • The waves marked the boundaries of my sandy realm, beyond them, ships teetered on the curve of the round world. Fools!
  • My scepter was a lone wooden chopstick, blessed by the sand dune fairies, painted purple with glitter.
  • Roasted marshmallows were the staple food of my land, harvested from plastic bags, which grew wild in the grocery store.
  • There were morning rituals to be performed, such as the hallowed mini-boxed cereal, opened along perforations. An elixir was added, milk. I would bless the brew with a plastic spoon.
  • In my kingdom nothing was saved. Saving was sacrilegious. It was barbaric to wash a utensil and reuse it. Paper plates were saints. So, it was written, so it was done.
  • I wore a bathing suit and rubber sandals. It was a commandment from the priests (mom and dad). I was to look as idiotic as possible. That was the way to true enlightenment.


Memories from the New Vacation

  • My crown was a snapback cap with my favorite sports team logo, even if I didn’t have a favorite sports team. Even if I didn’t like sports.
  • My minions were, apps, emojis and text messages. Even selfies followed me!
  • The beach marked the boundary of my condo, where people were known to walk! Fools!
  • My scepter was an iPhone, blessed by the corporate fairies called computer programmers.
  • Marshmallows were replaced by tempeh, harvested from plastic bags which grew wild in the “natural” section of the grocery store.
  • Sugar cereal was banished, replaced by (gulp) unsweetened granola with vanilla almond milk (cheater)
  • In my kingdom nothing was saved. Saving was sacrilegious. It was barbaric to be caught with technology older than 2 months. So it was texted, so it was done.
  • I wore Crocs clogs, with cargo shorts. I didn’t need mom and dad to help me appear idiotic. This is the way to true enlightenment?


33 Comments on “Beach Memories

  1. Thanks so much. Where the photo was taken, a few impromptu driftwood huts are nestled along the ridge/dune facing the ocean. No houses or hotels. The grass around the hut is actually invasive. I was alone on a certain stretch of beach for miles. I would assume this is different than Key West. A different type of paradise.


  2. I really enjoyed this.In Key West we have a spot where someone built a home out of driftwood and rocks. It is no longer used and has fallen in disarray,yet a few things remain of it. I also enjoyed your photography.Lovely photos.

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  3. OK, this makes me want to go out and buy some of those impossible-to-open little boxes of cereal for my kids! We used to eat them outside at a picnic table on vacations. Gacky joy. Blessings!!!

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  4. This was such a beautiful post. From the moment I started reading until I was reading the closing word, I had such a cheesy grin on my face. Thank you for sharing this. ~Shell

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  5. Everything changes, but nothing really changes. I love the marshmallows and tempeh growing wild in the grocery store. Also, needing Mom and Dad’s help to look idiotic back then but not needing it anymore. Thanks for enlightening me, Elan. 🙂

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  6. I remember the mini-boxed cereal. So fun to eat. Two or three different flavors and your satisfied. Really interesting read, Elan.

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  7. Yeah, I think you’re on a path to enlightenment – you’re observing self with compassion and humor – and you’re spreading that outward to the rest of us! Thanks.

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  8. I’m left with the image of a purple chopstick sceptre, glitter emblazoned. A wonderfully imaginative piece Elan!

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