Fall’s Reach

Catching fall in the act.

More Images here.

14 Comments on “Fall’s Reach

  1. OK, I know this might be weird but the shadows remind me of monuments (columns specifically) like… OK, strip everything away (think the partheon), so.. the trees being the columns etc (let your minds chew on that for a time) – the monument of nature, always standing, sometimes in glory/height (spring) but falling into disrepair (and isolation – winter) but never completely crumbling… but eventually (as all things) crumbling… there is a metaphor in there somewhere… or maybe I just tripped and hit my head on a rock, could be that too.

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  2. This photo reminds me of a poem I wrote centuries ago.
    The Pine Forest

    While walking early one morning
    With the sun still in its dawning,
    I came upon a spot so rare,
    A section of forest
    Beyond compare.

    I stood beneath
    Beneath the stately pine
    Which seemed to be
    As old as time,

    I stood with awe
    Deeply impressed,
    Honored and privileged
    To be their sole guest.

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