Leaf Finder General

Puddle Reflection (click on image to enlarge)

She rakes leaves as if she’s in a battle with fall

With those pranksters of maple, oak, alder, and all

Who best be off elsewhere, staying clear from her home

Or sticking fast by autumn’s mist to the garden gnome

Better not sneak under her feet, returning to haunt the grass

I swear she’ll burn them like witches if they reappear in mass



I think her lawn looks nice, with a little extra spice

But I wouldn’t dare give her any advice

You see, I’m only her 8-year-old son

I just want to play in the leaves for fun




32 Comments on “Leaf Finder General

  1. Beautiful! I love the change of seasons. Thanks for stopping by my blog, too. 🙂

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  4. I love fall. I remember walking in heaps of red-brown leaves as a teenager. And I loved to see them raining against the streetlights. So I understand the 8 year old’s perspective.

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