The View

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The northern trailhead of the Oregon Coast Trail.

If I hike alone, I can only tell you what you missed.

If we hike together, we’ll see the view.


Here, the wind whips beachgrass, stinging our legs through cotton jeans, a grass that rattles its voice, a scolding, chaotic rustle. Our bare feet run across their roots to reach the soft sand.

There, we’ll see the side of the wind waves know, lulling us into a dreamer’s state, a duet with the flapping of our jackets, a rhythmic trance. We dig toes deep into sun-drenched sand, feeling the same heat, ‘til cooled by the night’s tide.


The grass settles into quiet view.


(Click on image to enlarge. More of Elan’s photos here.


25 Comments on “The View

  1. As I read this I experience in my mind many walks on North Carolina beaches on the hot sand through sea grass and the final run to the cool place the waves have created.

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  2. I’m not familiar with a “Gold River” in Oregon. That sounds like the Deschutes. I see birds of prey all the time, circling in the updrafts with their precision sight, looking. The little critters they look for have adapted. Where people bring nuts and things (like Angel’s Rest is good example), they will risk life and limb to sneak out into the open. But, they move very cautiously, stopping very still at times, so the birds won’t see them. I haven’t seen deer that tame. So, I don’t know where that would be. They are very skittish, and can stand very still as well. They tend to come out at dusk, but not all the time. Sometimes you won’t know that they are there until they, all of a sudden, take off. I hope you take another journey up through the coasts of the PNW. I always think of it as a special place.

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  3. I have such fond memories of the Oregon Coast. A friend and I once drove up along the California, Oregon and Washington Coasts, and then into Victoria and Vancouver in Canada. It was the best vacation I ever had. I am 76 now, but I hope to be able to do that again one of these while I am still able to go. I went rafting up the Gold River in Oregon (I think that is right) and saw eagles, and men fishing on tiny islands in the river and they hitch rides on the rafts. We went up on a cliff-like hill and had lunch at the top and there were deer in the yard that were tame and came right up to us to be petted. What a fantastic place!!!

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  4. Hi Steve! I would assume there’s similarities between Oregon and certain parts of the U.K. It’s sprinkled here, a bit, in the last few days, but having been raised and born in this area, I await a “normal” rainfall. It’s my favorite time to be on a trail. Take care!

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  5. Wow Oregon looks like Cornwall in the UK. We hiked this morning and I swear that could be one of our photos except for the sky (we had heavy rain clouds but got back before they broke). Beautiful stuff.

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  6. Beautifully written. I love hiking either with friends, or alone. Its a sense of calmness and to be with nature. To see what mother nature and God is secretly hiding from the rest of the world.

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  7. Wow! I look at your post on the Oregon Coast Trail as an invitation to try it out myself. Your poem puts me in the right mood to go there as soon as possible. Superbly done photo and poem, Elan!

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  8. This is beautiful, Elan! As one not physically able to hiking, I so appreciate your sharing in pictures and in words parts of God’s earth that I may otherwise never know about! I thank God for photography and photographers! And I would like to think it I WERE able to join you hiking, that I would. Thanks for making it possible via WP. God loves you!

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