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With each leaf a face of dryer future falls reflects the prolonged fixing and fiddling of limb and ground.

I step cautiously, hearing you beneath my shoe. Upon your spine, I search for strength.

Your breath crumples with a sound of what was and is to come; an aging, mingled with every smaller wobble of the globe.

Lovers never smile when they have fallen ,always look for spring as redemption until the rain disappears.

Wind carries your face adrift. Dust is never far.

If my blood could wake you, I would let you suckle my salty oil until bees’ lips turned red.

If my wet mouth quenched you, I would kiss you with sugar saliva until your skin revives.

But there’s so many who fell like me.

I can’t caress the world back to fresh buds or even hold it safe within my drying veins.

Flowers run rampant in the meadow. Beetles and caterpillars hang on for life.

I swear the swiftness of the planet’s spin sends petals flying.



19 Comments on “Flection

  1. Anne, thanks so much. I was just reading Margaret Atwood’s “Dancing Girls” thinking very similar thoughts about her writing. I am humbled by your complement.


  2. I am way behind in my reading, but what a beautiful journey to read this writing. It is filled with depth of vision of our reality and how our subconscious views that reality at any given time. You have a wonderful gift of observance and ability to express that. Thank you so much.

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  3. “Lovers never smile when they have fallen…”- Elan Mudrow.
    Oh, that’s true indeed.
    Beautiful arrangement of words. I feel the resonance, deep feeling in this poetry words.
    And by the way, thank you for your liked on my post entry, Elan. Really appreciate it. Thank you. (Smiling).

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  4. This is simply lovely. I would reblog it if it were not election time, and readers might take it as a political statement, erroneously misreading the title as I did.

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  5. As usual, loaded with lines to be stuck on refrigerator doors. I am, of course, stealing one or two, printing them and sticking them on MY.. refrigerator !

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