Dab Of Warmth

There are mild spots between winter’s beating of grayness

Where breaths, in ease, are breathed…gloves are placed in pockets or lost on streets of snow

Mixed in that scattered brown batter of orphaned leaves.

The sun appears as a stranger, speaking a forgotten tongue, yet familiar tone

Trying to place a lull on the ceaseless movement of cars slicing through premature melt

Inviting the city to meditate  between weather systems.

Only the north wind, that magician, retains a fierce spell, stinging lips of a spring kisser…

Who…hushed…awaits the requite of warmth.

25 Comments on “Dab Of Warmth

  1. It is exquisitely beautiful how you captured the sun coming through the branches. And your poem is the perfect companion for the image. It makes me want to go outside. -Jill


  2. “The sun appears as a stranger, speaking a forgotten tongue, yet familiar tone”

    Lovely. I also like the image of the north wind as a magician and the lines that follow. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. “The sun appears as a stranger, speaking a forgotten tongue, yet familiar tone.”

    How very appropriate for this time of year. 😀 Beautiful piece.


  4. So very beautiful are your words, such descriptive and use of comparative words. Enjoyed the journey with you, nice pics too!
    InHisCare 🙏

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  5. Very evocative! Just got back from Indiana where it has snowed and where the “orphaned brown leaves” are indeed a “scattered brown batter”.

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  6. Wow, your site is lovely. Really nice. Waiting for the like button to load, (sigh, had the same problem a while back). Will punch some likes as soon as the buttons load. 🙂

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  7. Love it all, the photo and poem. Your description of autumn’s detritus is genius: “Mixed in that scattered brown batter of orphaned leaves.” Well done.

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  8. I was just going to write you must be from Oregon and then checked, you are! The most memorable experiences for me when living in Canada were the colours of Fall, the smell of burning leaves and walking on fresh snow. Now my experiences of Nature are quite different but just as memorable. Or perhaps, I view the world through my senses, differently.

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  9. Uggh, I don’t know if I could do that. Been too dry for a rain addict like me here. Waiting for days where my running clothes steam after a good run in the forest where the rain drips from very large trees. My fave.

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  10. haha too funny! Sadly, we don’t experience a real autumn in my part of the world, and winter is usually rain. Right now, it’s AC time and getting too warm.

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  12. Lovely photo and words. I’m kind of dreaming of more than a dab, though. I may have to head to the city and visit the conservatory. Greeeeeennnnn!

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