West Fork, Multnomah Creek, Larch Mountain, January 2019

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16 Comments on “Icarus

  1. There were spots that looked devastated, spots untouched, and others that were a mix. All in all, I think it will recover nicely as compared to others I’ve seen such as Three Fingered Jack. Perhaps, it depends on what side of the Cascades the fire’s on. West is wetter.

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  2. I’m so glad to see some things survived. There was a photo I have of a stump out in that area…maybe the same one? HUGE thing taken a couple years before, also from the inside!


  3. This is Icarus looking back up. The stump won’t get resurrected. It’s quite dead. The other trees in the photo are the ones who survived the fire, untouched. So, no amazing, unbelievable regrowth. The dead stump is a tree who used to be close to the sun and now isn’t. The others would be like Daedalus who designed the wings and built the labyrinth. (a forest??) It’s a metaphor…for?? Get it? Hope this clears it up.


  4. Love the picture, dislike the title. Icarus flew too close to the sun, so his wings melted and he died. This photo depicts resurrection, amazing, unbelievable regrowth!


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