Coyote Wall, Washington, February 2019.

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More images found here.


9 Comments on “Labyrinth

  1. Nature can certainly take something like water and transform it into amazing things. A work of art here. Yet, I am ready for Spring now. Tacoma has not had so much snow in many, many years.

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  2. You have an amazing photography talent. Feeling cold by seeing this pic.
    Thanks for sharing! love your work 🙂

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  3. Thanks Joan. I was freezing a bit about the time I caught these alien ice cubes. The wind comes out of the Columbia River Gorge from the east with a fierce wind chill. But soon I warmed up. The trail run was a bit surreal at times. Spiritual, sublime, sweaty. More to share soon.

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  4. These milky-crystalline icicles look like stalactites and stalagmites I’ve seen in caves. Breathtaking, Elan. I hope you aren’t freezing your patooties off to snap these photos. Stay warm and thanks for sharing your treasures. 🙂

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