Receiving a Fine In a Station of the Metro

Derrida’s Graffiti

The apparition of these fare inspectors in the crowd;

Donuts with icing, cream filled full.



5 Comments on “Receiving a Fine In a Station of the Metro

  1. Ah! The petals on the bough! The text to the photo was so incongruous I wouldn’t have been able to arrive at the meaning without you explaining in the comments. The title of the photo I think I understood better having read some of Derrida’s work. It’s a stunning artwork!

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  2. Now I like it even more. Who doesn’t like poetry that *ahem* takes the piss! (A phrase my husband was fond of using from his days as a would-be punk rocker.) oh, so many meander thoughts you’ve unintentionally raised. Thanks.

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  3. A think piece, despite its initial simplicity, the more I thought about the less sure I was I understood exactly who was the cream-stuffed villain.


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