Her Voice

She had her voice and it was buried deep inside in a place so sacred, so lonely. Only occasional tears that sprung up within the course of a life could witness it in raw form. When she sang, she camouflaged it with a myriad of spices, electricity, effects, grace notes, some call magic…knowing that if a song were stolen, a particular special song…her raw voice, that depth of melody, would find its way back. It had never left nor would it ever leave.

But it was when her best friend stole a song that she became impatient. She decided not to wait for her voice to return. She confronted her friend who had hidden the theft by a distance of distortion, waves of unsettled motion. The demand she made caused ripples, heat, heat, heat, until the voice returned, even though if she had waited, it would have returned on its own. A costly mistake. She is now avoided.

Her gift. Her curse.

You can hear her if you are very quiet, compassionate, through the most menacing noise. The noise…now…will never leave us.


15 Comments on “Her Voice

  1. … ‘theft by a distance of distortion’

    i don’t know much
    but i sense that this ^
    ace as eff!

    good work/play.


  2. My favorite line: “When she sang, she camouflaged it with a myriad of spices, electricity, effects, grace notes, some call magic…” soooo good!!


  3. Your photos are always so captivating, I was really surprised by this one. I had seen it on my phone earlier, and I wasn’t sure what exactly I was looking at, so now that I’m able to view it better, it seems almost abstract to me. It was an interesting concept coupled with your writing, which felt so chilling to read. I quite like this. It was all an excellent mood piece when I viewed it earlier today, and it remains so on my second viewing. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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