The Ledge

Out on the ledge, the snow hushes the wild.

This kind of quiet soothes while it scares

Strange mixture of awareness.

A lone northern harrier is the only singer.

She strafes the powder with one beat of her wings

Eyes on everything, including me.

I follow the trail by footprints.

Cougar’s, coyote’s, and smaller critters’.

An occasional imprint veers off

Into the untouched soft carpet

An outlier perhaps, a rebel, a seeker

Leading to a bush, taller pines,

Then disappears.


The wind won’t care for you here

Hides, waits to spring, to pounce.

I look over my back into the still.

It’s only the silence stalking me.

I shiver either from fear or cold

Interrupted by the occasional cracking of stray ice.

I will not let the wind trick me

Taking me too close to the ledge

Though I can’t help but peek

Over the edge, down near the warm river

Where I imagine soothing voices, movement

If such things exist.

The ledge fools you with a number of beliefs

Including the truth.


34 Comments on “The Ledge

  1. I have often been pleasantly surprised by hiking a trail in during different seasons and the entire mood of the place changes. Very enjoyable poem and image. -Jill

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  2. Thank you Jill. That’s an image looking over Coyote Wall in the Columbia River Gorge. I was on a trail there in January when I captured that image. Today, I was across that gorge you see in the background. No snow, but a desert of long, tall grass. Same place, different experience.

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  3. Danger draws in and warns off at the same time, nicely captured here.


  4. one of those moments a person gets drawn within the words, the photographs and at the end…wishing i had wrote this 🙂
    I really like this…Thank you for sharing thoughts that feel
    Take Care…You Matter…

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  5. “The ledge fools you with a number of beliefs
    Including the truth…”

    Wowser. That’s an encore of an ending. Super duper!

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