The Wind Bends the Flower

It’s easy for her to get lost in stillness, before light sneaks between curtain and window, playing shapes on her bedroom walls.
The softness of night can’t hold back day. She knows that. She hears the east wind pick up, as the sun spreads it over the city, where it curls around signposts, dips below fences.


Her ride in is easy, with the wind, a powerful glide, her body in tune with all traffic. On her way back home, she fights. The wind brushes her ears, a reminder of how life is scheduled, one comes, one goes.
Lives take the shape of schedules. She begins to see the shape of it on her face, that ease of following the flow, the chatter of her job, people’s energies intermingle, clash, flitter about. Then, the struggle to find herself on her own time, left to an inner dialogue that sometimes slips into the air, out loud, like crazy talk, wind and ground.
She prays to the stillness, after that same sneaky morning light dims, wishing to hear something break into sound, tearing into her null, an abstract of stillness.
She decides to attack the quiet, quietly. She believes her insides, once let loose, will bleed like a blooming flower.
The east wind dies down, occasionally rattling the metal of her bathroom exhaust fan.
She falls asleep and dreams of noise but can’t remember what they sounded like when the light wakes her up…again.

31 Comments on “The Wind Bends the Flower

  1. That’s a mighty compliment and I’m humbled. I like your explanation of poetry and especially your invitation for others to write it.


  2. In scanning, I found someone had my thoughts in mind, too. Your lyrical style would bring much to some of today’s banal fiction. But, to quote myself, (LOL) “Too often bad writing makes good money!”
    And thanks for visiting my site, too.

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  3. So much to choose from & like, Elan, like –

    …the struggle to find herself on her own time, left to an inner dialogue that sometimes slips into the air, out loud, like crazy talk….

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  4. A masterpiece as usual. It beats mw how the masterful poet manipulates words to create impressions on the reader’s captive mind – an art only Elan is known by and for which people like me bow in awe. Keep it up Mudrow.

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  5. Lovely vignette, Elan. I do hope you’ll work this microfiction (I guess, technically) into a flash fiction piece or longer short story. I can see how your poet’s touch is indispensable in writing lyrical pieces like this.

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