1. Starbucks banana nut bread
  2. Grande Pike, medium roast
  3. Trailhead, outhouse, no toilet paper
  4. A cluster of campsites within a mile
  5. Driving, slightly faster than normal between campsites
  6. All other outhouses, no toilet paper
  7. Hillbillies with dogs at one campsite give me the evil eye
  8. Back to trailhead, outhouse, no toilet paper
  9. Deciduous trees



21 Comments on “Leaves

  1. I remember from camping days in Canada always keeping toilet paper in my pockets. That was in the woods where no out-houses was a given.

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  2. I see the story there, but how does it end or progress? Guess there are no Sears catalogue pages available as TP sub. I hope you stared right back at hillbillies; I bet the dogs liked you…lesson, always bring critter treats and TP…


  3. I always have TP with me when I’m traveling/hiking/camping. Finding it when you need it is the exception, not the rule.


  4. Not really the boonies here. In a Metro area of 1.5 million, but still some crazy stuff goes on. Just in case, I start packing TP.


  5. Yes. There are a lot of people here in the state of Oregon, close to PDX city, living on the streets, rest stops, and campsites. I don’t know what part of Canada you’re from, but you’re probably closer to the boonies than I am. Take care!!

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  6. I would say this “off” season was more like ranger laziness or hillbilly collecting. Maybe the hillbillies were protecting their stash?

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  7. Good one. All I gotta say is, Thank the good Lord for leaves. Outhouses in the off season can be a “crap” shoot, if you know what I mean. Allan

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