Click on image to enlarge. Lisbon Portugal, May 2019



(An Elan longread available here.)

8 Comments on “Lone

  1. This photo captures an amazing story – without words. I love it! The choice of black and white adds a depth to the story of the phot that would not have been the same in color. As always- great work! I am inspired.

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  2. I’m hesitant. Very.

    I don’t think humans are dumb enough to not know where they are on the American timeline. Life today, for many Americans, is simply “process group.”

    It’s quite possible that he’s quietly biding time until death. “Treading water, so to speak.”

    Is it good for the world, that so many are affected by so few? How far reaching an empire would you have, young Master Millennial?

    Perhaps this man fully understands the depths of capitalism, as only the wise, and not the educated can.



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