Sometimes I feel like murdering them, squashing them under my feet, watching letters bleed out, separated from the word they are attached to.

Other times, I place them in an incubator, checking in on them from time to time.

Some go in a special box. I wear the key around my neck.

On occasion, words sting me, knowing just how to punch my buttons, which aren’t that hard to find, since I come equipped with all kinds of buttons, switches, and on and offs.

A few have lost their way, trying to find the morning from the depths of night.

Others become feral. I’ve been told not to feed them, though I’m too sensitive. Now they’re hopelessly dependent upon me.

I’ve broken up with a few. They either get mad, sad, or crazy. A few have broken up with me. I either get mad, sad, or crazy.

Really though, I can’t complain. All in all, they’re pretty solid, clearing things up when communication gets hazy, commanding peoples’ attention when they’re not reading me.

Actually, I think, I kind of like them. I know you do too. (But don’t say it out loud. They have humongous egos.)


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