August 17th, 2019, Portland Oregon

I just want my coffee and a blueberry muffin. Don’t close shop yet, I’ll give you a good tip. You’re afraid, I can see it in your eyes, you want to leave, and you will leave,

I have to arrive.

You see, I’m the one who opens the other shop in difficult times, like I’ve always done and always will. A job that places me somewhere between significance and insignificance.

My boss will periodically call me as she watches a live feed from the safety of her home.

You take my order but keep one eye out on the streets. You’re scared they will come inside your shop and you’re confused with what anyone believes. I’m not sure which they you refer to. It seems to be everyone, everybody. Your coworker tells you that someone has locked themselves in the bathroom for three hours. You become worried about your ability to leave. Your coworker calls the Downtown Clean and Safe officers, the ones who handle drug addicts and schizophrenics, they won’t respond.

They told me yesterday, they’re afraid and want to leave, and they will leave.


I have to arrive



15 Comments on “August 17th, 2019, Portland Oregon

  1. Makes me sad to think of that beautiful city in such disarray.


  2. A slice of the fear and paranoia infesting the souls of ordinary people who just want a blueberry muffin. And the same person says ” I have to arrive.” I feel hope in these words.

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  3. Interesting perspective. I like the everyday ness of wanting a blueberry muffin while the world burns. No matter what chaos goes on around you, we all want our comfort pastries.


  4. I laughed when I read that. I have totally been that guy behind the counter 2 minutes till close and somebody pulls up out front and your thinking “please go next door, oh gawd.. they are coming this way.. what if others see them inside and come in too? I really dont want to stay another hour just because a bunch of people made it through the doors right before closeing..” heh.. yah.. I remember that feeling.

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