Summer Forest

Summer plays with you in the forest, running mad in a meadow, hide and seek with a creek, foot race with a river. There are times when you’ll lose the summer’s sun, under deciduous and evergreens. But you will turn a corner, run into a bunch of arguing flowers who point the way back to a blaze of daylight or a ray of heat, the sun laughing its way through the canopy.  

Summer places the forest in a still quietude, no rain tapping upon fallen flora, no snow who corners all sound and makes it its own. In this solitude, your memories lie the shade. All you believe and don’t want to believe surrounds you. You will turn a corner, look at the flowers. And they are always, pointing.

30 Comments on “Summer Forest

  1. The personification of the flowers was entertaining, if somewhat jarring. I enjoyed the rest of the description too.


  2. Am so glad Elan. You can talk to her yourself – Her name is Anita and she moved on in September 2011. You may like to read my post : Time Heals Nothing


  3. Interesting! I’m going to be looking at it a few times, over a period of time, taking it in. Thanks so much for sending it to me. It has had an effect on me which I’m going to have to process. I hope that makes sense to you. This is a good thing! Tell your wife, thanks.

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  4. Yeah, I’ve thought about contacting WP about that very thing. You can send a link though. If there’s one to the painting, I’d love to see it.

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  5. I think we can’t post pics in comments otherwise would have sent it to you !


  6. Really? That’s awesome. That’s a part of the Wilson River trail here in Oregon. There were so many ferns piled on top of one another, I couldn’t resist taking a picture. Thanks. Take care!

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  7. Walking in a wooded area in the summer is fulfilling to the soul and spirit. All of is amazing . . . the shadows, the sounds, glimpses of wildlife, and bring surrounded by God’s creation up close and personal.


  8. I was lost for an hour, which is just long enough to wonder about things.

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  9. “All you believe and don’t want to believe.” I can relate to those words since I briefly lost my way in a forest over the weekend. It’s an experience that can really challenge one’s beliefs about the self. What would happen if I didn’t make it home anytime soon? Why am I so unprepared to deal with living away from civilization?

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