Lost City

The streets have no direction, no destination. They wind back into themselves, while they take her… somewhere… she’s never been. She looks at a map of the city, it would appear to be simple, small, within a defined space.

On the streets is a different story. They defy the map.

She places her hands on the streets, whether they’re dirty, wet with rain, cold with snow. She was born with soft hands, the kind that can feel things. Or so she thinks.

The city doesn’t talk to those who just pet its fur. These streets run like veins, getting lost is a new way of being found.

Now, she must use more than her hands.

The ghosts tell her, those old, ancient buildings. They’re not as quiet as the streets. They line the inner skyline.

The city is becoming something other than itself.  Soon, she won’t be able to get lost in order to find herself. 


25 Comments on “Lost City

  1. At first glance I thought of a chain link fence shadow on a wall but then realized those are cobblestones. The shadow left me puzzled but the poem makes me think utility pole, based on the cobblestones, since that would feed the city. Definitely made me stop and ponder the image and words. Well done!


  2. Wow. This may be my first reply to a post on WP. I am moved. This poem speaks of ME! These lines identify my very being…
    “…getting lost is a new way of being found…. Soon, she won’t be able to get lost in order to find herself. “

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  3. Captivating….as cities sometimes are….?
    Reminds me of China Miéville’s The City and The City.
    The surreality of urbanism….

    “…and the ground hugging me
    to my self in the night
    in those empty buildings in the earth
    and peering through
    that glass
    those shards
    that splintered sight of things I’ve known and forgotten
    like all those smells I’ve lost

    from the paths in the mountains
    of a dream of childhood…”

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  4. “….getting lost is a new way of being found” …. Well there you go again. Yet another one of your lines that will be posted on my refrigerator ! If you don’t stop writing these Gems, I’m going to have to buy a bigger refrigerator !.

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