Wild Glow

The city is not anyone’s anymore,

as if it ever was.

The empty railroad warehouses, where…

Romance wore smudged faces, fought over a tough touch.

Now, old bruises, vanished on the wide surface of skin.

Strong arms refused to let go

To lovers

Who pretended not to care,

Who spit wry words,

Held each other, tight, ‘til out of breath.

Such young flower stems


Its wild glow of street art

Traced, copied, outlined

Now, a simple trick

An effect, a gloss, an ideal, a movement

Applied like lipstick.


Perhaps, it was always a false city

A worm cut in half, too many times

You want it to cry

You think you can hear it, to make a belief.

But, it’s dangerously quiet at times.


12 Comments on “Wild Glow

  1. Great writing. I liked the line about cutting worms in half too many times. It makes me think of how often we sometimes give more of ourself to someone else than we should.

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  2. Vividly described the city is a lonely place with lots of false realities. It really doesn’t belong to anyone but the stranger. Beautiful. Thanks. Love Joni

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