The Wind Chases Feral

The wind is amplified by the valley.

A sign, to go no further.

This wind searches ravines, ravages tops of evergreens, escapes up through mountains, lets loose upon a cold sky.

A harsh exhale, a winter bite, snickering past sunrise, diving into sunset, searching for the ocean.

She knows it. It’s a part of her.

She rides…runs. Her scent slips ahead of her.

Then, a lull, a hush, which become wishes, thoughts of the dullness of heat, of a soft warm glow, a purr between rattling storm windows, a cup of soup.

But these are old memories and she’s not sure they’re a part of her like the wind.

Here, she knows she’s one with dead leaves, the falling of rain, the touch of snow. She’s been here forever or so it seems.

But cold is cold. She’s argued with storms more times than she can count. And she must sleep.

The night is a shifty creature.

She lies upon a bed of ferns, pulling dirt, leaves, moss over her body, a live burial, her ritual, to hide from the wind, to become the wild dark. That’s the only way to become invisible.

Her fingers ache.

Tomorrow, she thinks. Tomorrow when the wind dies and the sun stings the forest, she will find her way.




12 Comments on “The Wind Chases Feral

  1. Ah, this piece touched my soul. It’s so beautifully written and emotionally charged.
    “The wind is amplified by the valley…..” Every line whispers..


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