Above Multnomah Falls

This warm winter makes the creek scream like spring.

I dip my hand in, as far in as my long sleeves let me

Smooth stones, slick, cold life, years in my hands.

My fragile blood beats, knows the water by heart.


It’s good to be wary of the speed of the current

where it licks up upon the shore, sure feet are never a given.

It can bite you, gently, or with unforgiving teeth.

Its noise covers all voices, who’ve come beyond the falls


I head for snow level, it’s high for this time of the year.

Pine needles dot its surface like a mild sprinkling of spice.

Towhees, ravens, and buntings call with haunting songs

An echo between their voices, moves with the forest, downhill.


There, below, near the river and I-84, the creek is a maiden jumping.

Thousands of selfies, one tripod, a few point and shoots

attempt to catch her in the act of hitting the ground.

She refuses to pose.






43 Comments on “Above Multnomah Falls

  1. Beautiful your words and they take me back to my honey moon. My husband and I hiked the trails and when we got to the top we warmed ourselves in the sun and took pictures of our wedding rings under the crystal clear water of the creek back in 1996. Thanks for the precious memories.


  2. Nature is lyrical in it’s own right. You captured it’s essence perfectly.

    I saw a transition from the speaking of the Fall’s history to the modern age of Selfies…cool.

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  3. Thanks so much! In the spring, if the snowpack has been deep, this part of the trail is taken over by the river. You can see how it has carved its path.


  4. My husband and I hiked there on our honeymoon on the way to Hug Point. Your description compels one to hear, smell, feel and experience the beauty. Thank you for sharing that beautiful piece.


  5. Oh wow! I was right there! “… years in my hand” – love it! I often touch rocks and trees for their presence there, long before mine.

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  6. Trees might fall and land slide, unperturbed she doesn’t stop… Rivers, creeks, flowing water have such a life of their own, I can only witness and admire. I love how your words and photograph capture all this for me.

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