The Ocean Welcomes Me Back

She knows me.

Though, I haven’t seen

All that she is…..

All her anger and angst

Frozen at times, treacherous.

I know her

From the safety of my footing.

She can pull me, She pulls me, I am pulled

Not by ebb, but by longing

A craving for our meeting.

She allows me to see her.

I am but painted doll

Easily tripped into a fall.

We are cyclic, together.

Friends as we are


I see her placid face

Fierce, reflecting sky.

Her cheeks aged, rippled

As they were at the beginning.

She’s my crone

My witch of calm

Curled slightly

With wavy hair


The straightening of her tides.

Her voice, mesmerized magnetic

To my metal ears.

Grounded by emotion

She nudges me

To a rhythm depth tone.

My womb vibrates

With her motion

At the same time

I am her birth.


Her movement is mine

I am she, like her,

The invertebrate

With liquid body

Skin of whatever color

You wish to call me

We are deep in wrappings

Around dense mineral

Earthen cultrate creatures

Terrestrial mud makers

That simple creation act

Pottery, clay, and figure

Shaped by moisture

Solidified by solar storm.


I feel like she is forever

Whose depths

I know by kindred.

We raise our spirits

(For me, this once)

To mist and cloud

Transform, evaporate

Until our salt

Is yanked from our souls

And we fall

To new fawns

of phosphorescence



If I were to say

“Listen to her”

You would have

Already heard

89 Comments on “The Ocean Welcomes Me Back

  1. Such beautiful images. I can almost hear the waves of the ocean echoing all around me. ♥

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  3. I understand what you mean. There are times when words do that to me. However, I think the reward comes after you have put in some time with those jumping words, to shape them, whittle them, find out how structures can be made stronger. Thanks for your comment. It’s appreciated more than you know.

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  4. I find myself going back to poetry when the words become faint in my mind. However, once the words jump into my being, it is hard to put down the pen or cut short the writing. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

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  5. Time and space bending poem. How much of us is singular, and how much did we get directly from the common point of origin of life, water? After all, then an there, all of the billios of species where but one, and we all mighty hoomans were the same as a fly or a dog.

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  6. Keep hanging out here. Can’t seem to leave and I love this so much. Listening to Birdy’s “Wings” and it doesn’t help. You’re a Rock Star with the prose. Thanks for sharing this, all of it.

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  7. As an ocean would, this poem truly did ease my mind. Greatly structured with your words and beautifully described. Keep up this inspiring work. 🙂

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  8. ‘Pulled’ by my own phobia for river masses – as I don’t swim – I almost got drowned in the ecstacy of love created by a master-poet. Great piece, Élan.


  9. What makes you assume the ocean is a female? Is it beyound most humans to understand certin things just are,outside the boundries of the human scope of existence?

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  10. This is wonderful, you’ve phrased everything I love about sea, and it’s strong ability to lure those to it’s depths, whom are sadly influenced that way.


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