Rain Jacket

You’ve had a few rain jackets.

Some of them have fallen apart, others weren’t a good fit from the get-go, a couple of them ran off with someone else.

Still, it’s hard to face the rain without one.

You’ve done that too, plenty of times.

It’s tough getting soaked.


Yet, at other times you’ve enjoyed letting the rain hit you smack-dab on the head while finding a new rain jacket.

Funny, aren’t you?





9 Comments on “Rain Jacket

  1. Oh, the human is a funny specimen indeed. So full of contradictions. So prone to extremes. So arrogant and yet… so very humble. Most alike in some form, whilst few unique.

    And this simple raincoat shows it perfectly. Some feel they can’t face the rain without their trusty coat. Whilst others cannot bear to be deprived of the feeling of rain kissing their skin.

    We are funny indeed.

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