Mountain Lake

Burnt Lake

I sit with her

Placing her in memory

Giving thoughts strength, yet

In her silence, she frightens me.

I rely on others

Camping upon her shore

To soothe my worry.

And although I haven’t

Seen her rimmed with snow

Echoing the clearest of nights,

Pitted with raindrops

Upon her clear face,

Witnessed her held tight

By mist and clouds,

I know she has experienced this.


She reflects me

Placing me inside her memory

Giving strength to her beauty, yet

In my silence, I frighten her.

She relies on the stream

And springs to ease her.

And although she hasn’t seen

All who I love, have loved,

My stumbles and woes

On nights of anxiety,

My elations and successes,

The clatter of the city

Reverberates within me

She knows I have experienced this.

75 Comments on “Mountain Lake

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  2. Beautiful poem. It is interesting how you have feminised the lake probably because we associate nature with birth and it is always mother earth and not father earth. Anyway, a lovely piece, introspective, reflective and full of gorgeous imagery.

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  3. Beautiful piece of writing here. I love that you made the two halves of the poem reflect one another, reinforcing the image of a mirror lake and further enhancing the deeper self-reflection taking place here.

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  5. And what types of literature do you prefer to study? How did you find your voice (other than writing a lot)? You might’ve seen that I’m still working on finding all aspects of my voice, as currently it sounds very academic to me, which is what I’m best at for the moment – despite the sorry attempts at humor! Though I’m sure you might think differently.


  6. That’s an interesting question. I’ll attempt an answer. The ideas are a combination of what’s already a part of how my brain works, picking up skills by studying literature, and the never-ending process of finding a voice (or voices). The latter, for most writers, (as easy as it may sound) is the most difficult.


  7. I really enjoyed the imagery of the lake as a woman, as a friend. It’s very original, as is the imagery from your other poems. How do you come up with such ideas so frequently?

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  8. I never cared about poetry much , even though I have been a mad reader of prose, until I recently started reading your post. It’s that passion and creativity in this post…Thanking you for opening up a new door to look through….

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  9. Oh, wow. How clever and powerful to show both views like this. Your writing tends to stay with me indefinitely. Thank you for that, using your gifts to give such beautiful and enduring gifts to others so selflessly.

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