Naming Creeks

The creek isn’t cruel by not knowing my name.

Even though, I have known its name all my life.

On walks, I still follow its voice, soothed by its flow.

I won’t ask it to know me.

I’m okay with being an eternal stranger to it.


The creek doesn’t need my name

For me to hear its voice

Even during the loneliest times

When snow blankets its banks

And trees block the wind from its surface.


There are times when I wish

I could mimic the creek

But I know its name, taught to me by these very words

Which curve around boulders and tree limbs

Written by the currents of my own heart


30 Comments on “Naming Creeks

  1. Nature is a blessing and our friend loving and accepting, it is us that is the threat to nature. It gives to each of us different gifts that cling to our heart. Beautiful expression of the gifts you receive from your stream which is so gorgeous. My husband and I are working on getting back toward the Seattle area, we use to spend a lot of time in your neck of the woods when we were dating and newly wed. I have a daughter in Kirkland that I love and miss terribly as well. Love Joni

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  2. This is one of those pieces you can hold inside you as you go, carrying it with you so it can flow down the mountain passages in your heart.

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  3. Sorry about the abrupt comment but it is almost like the creek you spoke about. You walk around someone sitting in the sun, or waiting in a car You smile and nod at them, they smile and nod back.

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  5. This resonates with me. Water has the ability to speak, soothe and lead me. You have captured the relationship that one can have with nature as a teacher and source of calm.

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