These cold hills stand unconcerned of what walks beneath them. Snow, that made it through the day’s rain, will be covered by night’s newest layer of white. But here today, the rain collects upon the trail.

Footprints lie scattered. There are recent ones, still adhering to the shape of a shoe and older ones losing the semblance of humanness. All show their course around the puddles, trying to find the driest method to continue.

And yes, there’s evidence of others who’ve abandoned finding the dry way. Perhaps, they see themselves as hearty, brave, or trust their shoes more than others, or just don’t care.

Tomorrow, when the snow sticks, quieting the rain, puddles will be replaced by a contour of white. The trail can still be seen and if you look closely, you will see other kinds of footprints, who share the path, either dry or wet.

And the cold hills still remain unconcerned, even though it’s they, who we all wish to see.


(Click on image to enlarge. Salmon River, near Mt. Hood. Jan. 2020)

18 Comments on “Footprints

  1. Lovely that you bring out the relationship between nature and humans. I don’t live anywhere near a forest but the squirrels make footprints on the patio outside my window that begin in snow and disappear with rain and sun.

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  2. Thanks so much my friend. There’s been a few apocalyptic-type fires over here as well. A couple of them in places I grew up in and around.


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