Scapegoat’s Paradox

Holding it in, close, became a strength

An essence, a nugget, bloom’s heart

Shaped by chinks, cracks, and splits

Of a shell you wished was a softer hue.


Relinquished, expelled, produced a body

The lucid form of your careful ambiguity

From a cold clay, carved and baked

An Image of remedy, poison, and sacrifice.




21 Comments on “Scapegoat’s Paradox

  1. As always Elan you keep it short and sweet. Thanks for trying the unique and new. Love the idea 👌💖👌


  2. It is so elusive. Every time I read it, I almost feel I know the meaning behind the words. But then, I look again, and it is lost.

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  3. Reblogged this on Touching Madness and commented:
    REBLOG : So much talent lies throughout WordPress if you just do some simple searches. This poet talent will simply speak for herself. I became lost with her elegant style and lovely descriptive words. Hope everyone enjoys.

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  4. “The lucid form of your careful ambiguity” that’s what comes flying out one day when you can’t hold your feelings in anymore, when that carefully constructed invisible shell cracks wide open. Well written, Elan, honest and evocative. 🙂

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  5. Such contrasting values, and, strange to find it, all in someone who’d been, scapegoated for something s/he didn’t even do, and it surely is, too easy, to scapegoat on someone else, than take the responsibilities ourselves that’s for sure!

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