Traveling Near the Dark

There’s a quietness about the river

broken by a random leap, splash of steelheads.

a prairie hawk loses a feather.

The natives drink a loud liquor

on their fishing platforms, dip nets

looking for fish who choose

to become parts of ceremonies.


The valley refracts strong light

that moves with the quiet.

Hills are made of dead gold,

skeleton orchards, lost spirit guides.

Bear scat litters small pastures

where the river overruns its banks,

forming shallow pools.

I’m cautious like a fool and listen.


The sun sets earlier here.

I knew that going in

I’m searching for rain or shadows

They only last for a short period.

My phone drops, small echo

Black screen on slick green moss

I yell for some reason

Maybe to prove I can make a sound


The sun throbs red…west…hovers

next to the peak of Mt. Hood.

Highway 14 yanks at me with its noise

where occasional deer lie still

on the shoulder of its pavement,

small trickle of blood in their teeth.

Dusk is as good as night here.


I run.

44 Comments on “Traveling Near the Dark

  1. No problem, Elan. I knew you didn’t do awards but I wanted to recognize your blog, and allow others to see it. Your pictures are so awe inspiring.
    Regarding the question comment option, if you are talking about answering the questions from the nomination I have friends who do that. Answer whatever you want. If you mean ask here in your comments, pic any of the questions that you are comfortable with. 🙂

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  2. Thanks so much. I hope your dream comes to fruition. You seem close. Sometimes water takes a different route before getting to the ocean. Take care!

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  3. love this, carried along on this journey by the imagewords. thank you ever so much for sharing your soul in these ways and for continuing to show support to my blog.

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  4. Thanks so much Gail! I’m truly honored. I’m going to have to pass on posting the award and answering the questions, but you or anyone are more than welcome to ask me a question via the WP comment option. C’ya!

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  5. Thanks Anna. There were a lot of signs that day…on that river…in the desert…running with the dying daylight. It covered a few of your top ten tactics, if you know what I mean. Portland would love to have you visit.

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  6. This is beautiful, and feels like a sign. There have been a few little pings from the Universe lately re: Portland. I guess it’s time to take a trip.

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  7. More than water, deeper than a phone, bigger than Mt Hood. Many years were waiting for this poem, and many skills rubbed against. Beautiful and dark. thanks

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  8. And the Hits just keep on coming ! Images and words. Under the magnet on my refrigerator, on a scrap of paper, will be written, ” I yell for some reason, Maybe to prove I can make a sound” … Wow !

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