The road—a language.

The forest—a heart.

Two voices.

Both twist around mountains

Where one can lose oneself

Or be found.






27 Comments on “Utterance

  1. Even though I am totally focused, I am equally Zoned. Oftentimes I write Blogs in my Head while on the Road. Transcending Thoughts, The Road.


  2. Marvelous interplay of words and image – and captures the duality of uncertainty … stirs me to ponder: do I want to be found/rescued? Or do I truly wish I were lost, separated from present circumstances? (I don’t know.)

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  3. Hard to pick out a favorite line, Elan–I like them all! Thoughts and feelings in a winding metaphorical conversation, the happy contradiction of simultaneously losing and finding yourself. The place where I’m transported when I write. 🙂

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