Teeth Of Sea


The ways to one another are uneven.

Steps expand, contract, falter, fuse

Feet unsure, like magnets running

Fixed fast to the sprawling spin

Of simple skin and porous bone.


We push hands through texture

Cool walls made up of paint layers

The infinite cocoon, reaching

To feel the heated depth of each other

A place we’ve always had in our grasp





(Image: “Three Witches”. Click on the image to enlarge!)




13 Comments on “Teeth Of Sea

  1. Thanks! Oh yes, milk thistle… that’s right. Yes, I like it when they are sleeping as well. Used to see them fairly frequently when I lived in ID and WA. 💕 I always love your photos and poetry.


  2. Lol. Very true Tara, pokey. My hands are soft, so it’s a little tricky holding more than one. They’re milk thistles. A very amazing type of thistle. I like them when they’re asleep, like these three. I see them in the wilderness as well as in the city. I’ll have a visit to your socials in a bit. Take care!

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  3. I love the photo, Elan, and the caption, “Three Witches.” My favorite line in the poem is this one: “reaching / To feel the heated depth of each other.” It’s hard to reach out sometimes, it feels so vulnerable. Or to let someone else get beyond that cool wall of paint layers. Poetry is a path, however faltering and uneven. 🙂

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  4. Love this piece! And I don’t know the name of the plant in the photo, but I’ve always thought they were pretty cool looking. Pokey but also soft if you touch it the right way. Good to see a fresh post from you!

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