Silent Friendship

The deer mouse comes out, when the night covers the entire sky.  

Through foliage, appearing in little instants, eyes gleaming black, tail flying behind him.

He’s in the peripheral of your flashlight as his jump crests the undergrowth.

His business, a serious endeavor, risking the watchful eye of owls

And even if he’s a bit paranoid, he’s intent upon finding your trail mix.

You sit silent, while he approaches

Accepting, with cautious boldness, your offer of breakfast cereal for dinner.

Leaves without saying much, a bit disappointed, perhaps

After you’ve packed up and secured all food.

But you know he’s still there as you fall asleep

To the rustle of branches and the sly movement of the wind.




22 Comments on “Silent Friendship

  1. Reminds me of a lot of nights camping out–a deer mouse probably one of the several mysterious sounds. Can’t wait to hit the forest again.


  2. Elan, most poets bore the shit out of me but I really like your groove. It’s potent and engaging. You’re very good, you’re very visceral… and I’m quite glad I discovered your blog.

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  3. Poem: Sweet and tender. It’ll make a lot of misty eyes.. LOL Photo: Brooding, Your eye is still in top form.

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  4. Beautiful … makes me want to be there. We humans have much to gain from contact with those so unlike us, albeit often misunderstood on both sides.

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