Listening Words


April’s stillness, ruffled by a hum of

The distant drone of a circular saw

The pressing winds of moving cars

The drift of a child’s laughter

Sound is a field of words


Image entitled “Motion”.





25 Comments on “Listening Words

  1. its ironical now that at least cars are quiet and nature has just magnified its presence. or maybe its just because of situation that it feels like this

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  2. It’s been lovely strolling through the last few months of your poems! Of the ones I read today, it’s a toss up between Listening Words and Linear for the title “My Favorite”. I also loved the way Silent Friendship and Destinations made me smile.

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  3. Lovely. I miss these sounds of an ordinary day. It is different living in isolation. But it seems to be doing a good thing in the midst if the corona virus siege.

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  4. I like the word “ruffled” here, as it could mean decorated or disturbed or both. I also like “The pressing winds of moving cars.” The sounds you describe are all things I heard on my walk yesterday, as if we live in the same neighborhood many miles apart. 🙂

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