We sleep upon the rough carpet

Distracted—insomnia twins

Twirling threads and frays


Floorboards still heard

Beneath our pressed ears

Though muffled—small creaks


Of planks, bare, exposed in spots

Revealing coats of wax and stain

Covered in fresh oversleep


Our hands scuffed, abrasions

Soft—even in calloused stir

Touch, entwined, forever lured


21 Comments on “Texture

  1. You are welcome, I really enjoy the way you write, you’re very talented. I hadn’t seen your comment on my post, but after I saw this I rescued it from my spam folder. Appreciated, thank you.

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  2. Do you mean the photo? That’s a concrete wall underneath a bridge taken when the sun is coming in at an angle to reflect light. Thanks


  3. This line jumped out at me: “Covered in fresh oversleep.” Isn’t that always how it works? Insomnia when it’s time for bed, the night’s best sleep when it’s time to be up. Your description of the floor could be a metaphor for the couple whose hands are entwined–creaky, bare, exposed, scuffed, abraded, yet soft and alluring. Nice, Elan. 🙂

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  4. Hi Elan. I enjoyed the poem. My favourite line ‘…covered in fresh oversleep’. Could have been longer but I guess it’s a deliberate bite-size piece. See you on your next post

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