Static binaries numbed inside the liminal

As if sound is a scrape bunched into barren elements

Voiced structures—definitions in sand

Drawn with sticks—hopscotch on a playground


To know the tides—their decomposition

To know their fragments—their never-ending versions

Can’t be claimed as one or even one’s own



(Click on image to enlarge)

16 Comments on “Fluid

  1. Dear Elan, I admire the imagery ….very deep and very aesthetic. Anand Bose from Kerala

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  2. You’ve been on something of a roll lately, Elan. These images and words are glorious. At the moment, it’s the images that capture. Words take more attention. I noticed an image that was both observation and manipulation, i.e. the Concrete Wall and Thorn (I call it). This, Rust and Bolts, is hyper-real. It’s one of your masterpieces (IMHO).


  3. Thanks so much Ali. I just read your poem “What Matters Most”. I’ve always been intrigued how we “draw”, “write” our way into discoveries and through challenges. Yet, even as we have a peak at deconstruction, most yearn for familiar structure. It seems we apply that structure of yearning to shapes beyond our physical reach. To feel vulnerable by those “shapes”, as if language isn’t enough to express what and why they are, is to realize your own fragility, which in turn, brings you that “opening to the unexpected”. Thanks again, my friend. I will be revisiting your blog. Take care.

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  4. Rust! I love, just simply love, images of rust. Beautiful colour you found in this one, and the challenges of shape! 🙂


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