Winter’s mask, layers upon chaotic earth

Underneath is uneven ground

As we feel the contours, so near our feet

To walk is awareness  

Of how we place

Our steps


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11 Comments on “Steps

  1. To walk is awareness
    Of how we place
    Our steps
    Physically, emotionally and while traversing conversations with others. I am feeling my way forward each day. Thank you for your words.


  2. You’ve described eloquently every why I love snow-covered trails. Like today’s run, with four inches of unseasonable fresh new snow covering the trees, wildflowers and trail. The snow fills the spaces between rocks and roots, making footing simultaneously unsure and certain, the reason running on snow is a joy.

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  3. Is there snow where you are, Elan? I love how the snow smooths the landscape, making our feet more aware of what is hidden from our eyes. I baked a cake yesterday and used a lot of icing to hide the cracks and bumps and bubbles. Nature is a good teacher. 🙂

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