When Josephine The Singer Leaves

There’s a burning inside her and you can see it when she’s holding in her voice. You’re lucky she holds it in, for when it hits air, it cuts you. These cuts cause you to fall inside her furnace, scald you, sting your heart or your ego. Most of time both.

She doesn’t mean to burn. Her heart is not fire. It has leapt to save those who burn with different flames. Fires who are down to no one else except themselves.

We think this is the reason she burns. No one leaps for her. So, all she sees is our scurrying, a maze leading back to the magnetized, which we can’t admit is us.

Still, we wait for her to sing, wait to be cut, to feel the searing heat. At times we think ourselves impervious to her scorch. Other times, we find ourselves mimicking her hot language, thinking if we made it ours, she would be redeemed. Neither are true. We’re just resilient, tending to our cumulative scars as if they were a collection of special artifacts.

We fear the day she will leave. It’s never discussed. It’s an underlying nervousness, a speck of common knowledge. This causes us to run about, quicker, faster, frantic, attracted to our own end, piling up causes natural and unnatural. And this loop seems like new ground, yet feels worn, a spiral, gravity. We don’t know.

We’re no historians. We forget easily.



(Dedicated To Cat Bird.)

(Image is entitled “Dispersed”. Click on it to view it.)

8 Comments on “When Josephine The Singer Leaves

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  2. I guess what is needed is to read Kafka’s Josephine The Singer. I’ve been infatuated with the story for some time now. Thanks Joan.


  3. I’ve read this piece three times now, trying to solve the riddle, figure out the metaphor, and determine how the photo fits in. The end is fitting yet makes me wonder how I’ve gone all around the mulberry bush and still missed the point.


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