Looking For Goldilocks


We’re measuring distant planets

By the flutter of their stars

By the flicker of the light

That lies

Next to their circumference


Abstracting them down

Into analyzation

Bringing them up to surface

Through <code> </code>

To words, pictures, and meanings


To read them aloud and aloof

To write them as extensible language

Copy and paste our findings

Upon the script

Of our own atmosphere

Marked up upon our own globe


Which sits conveniently

Within grasp for a spin

On the table in the study

Next to the books

Where blue whirls by

With a few rearranging squares

Rectangles, lakes and islands

Fighting for eye contact


We keep our fingertips, lightly

Upon the smooth cold metal surface

Enjoying the texture

As it twists

Through our touch


(image. An unfinished project)




12 Comments on “Looking For Goldilocks

  1. I imagine that that what our world looks like to God. The blue, whizzing by with his finger on a stopping point. Well done.


  2. That’s brilliant! I really love the transition from the abstract, the inference of planets from astronomical data, to the concrete and personal at the end. Really beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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