The 99 Cent Lady

Her eyes…opaque. If you look into them, she won’t return your greeting. Her sight fixes upon someone who’s not there, as if the air holds a face that no one can see except for her.

In words you don’t trust, she tells you what she sees…the symmetry of shapes, the mistakes of nature, the movement of lips when they sing, the spin of a record playing a song she wishes to forget but aches to listen to…the curl of a handwritten name.

She tells you these things…and when she speaks it’s lucid…as if she’s telling that person, who’s not there, the very thing they need to hear.




(Image entitled Blue Unravelled. Click on it)


7 Comments on “The 99 Cent Lady

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  2. Wow, I swear… the way the hints of imagery are used, it fits the texture of the poem perfectly. Had to read this three times. Wonderful poem!

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