One Spin Around

She’s not the one you know

Not from long ago

Those ancient structures gone

The timing was all wrong


Arrows missed their mark

Mixed with heavy spark

Gone is all despair

Lost in exosphere 


—-No need to remember, she feels the spin around


Searching lower lands

Among forgotten hands

She is an island now

That’s all she will allow


She lives above the dust

Beyond the fragile crust

Painting in new hues

She’s not the one you knew


—-No need to recall, she feels, new shapes abound


She’s not the one you know

Her thoughts like seeds have grown

Scraping clouds and sky

We know the reasons why


The ground beneath is rough

Scorched by heavy touch

She shapes old clay that’s cold

It’s she that wills the mold


-No need to go back, she feels what she has found



(Art by Elan. Click on image to enlarge. More found here.)




21 Comments on “One Spin Around

  1. Matt (Is that your name?). Unfortunately, it’s already lyrics to a song. I have another pseudonym for my songs. Thanks though. I really do appreciate it.


  2. Intriguing photo. Your words hang together though I can’t say how any more than I can describe the sections of the object in the picture. Beauty is a thing in itself.

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Fair enough. That is one of the great things about poetry, you don’t have to explain where it comes from. I am just curious and tend to be the questioner in every group.
    I enjoyed it, as I always do.
    Happy Solstice.


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